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All Against All

April 6 / 17:30


Luuk Bouwman






103 min




Kino Pilotů, Prague

What is a fascist? Was fascism a one-off historical phenomenon or is it something of all times, a certain mentality? All Against All investigates this question on the basis of pre-war fascism in the Netherlands. Holland, usually associated with liberalism and tolerance – turns out to have had tens of fascist movements between the wars.

An unknown history of constant quarrels, intrigue, schisms and mergers; countless small führers with large egos and little self-insight tried themselves at the expense of everyone and each other to become leader of the Netherlands. 

What initially comes across as a comical mess of quarrelling fascists, eventually takes on increasingly darker forms. From the end of the 1920s fascist movements radicalise; the emphasis is increasingly on hatred, against the elite, against politicians, against big capital, against socialism, but especially against strangers. 

Without making explicit connections, the film mirrors the present to the past. Part history, part essay, the film shows the mechanism of nationalist feelings radicalising.