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Another Spring

April 22 / 17:00


Mladen Kovačević


Serbian, Albanian




89 min




De Balie, Amsterdam

Another spring is a medical thriller that takes place in the spring of 1972, when the deadly smallpox virus was brought into Yugoslavia from the bazaars in Iraq. The disease was spreading for a whole month before it was discovered in Kosovo, while in Belgrade, it continued spreading undetected.

Smallpox is the deadliest disease in human history that killed almost 500 million people in the 20th century alone, and it is the only deadly virus eradicated by humans, which is regarded as the biggest achievement of our civilization. In the story that united the entire world, the Yugoslavian epidemic, the final outbreak of smallpox in Europe, is still remembered as one of its most horrifying and inspiring chapters.

Reconstructed from the 50 years old archive film footage, the film offers the experience of another time and the society very different to the one today, which never felt more relevant.