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Live from The Netherlands: With Knife

Successful TV personality Eveline is completely done with presenting mindless quiz shows. She decides she wants to reinvent herself by directing documentaries exploring the intricacies of the modern world.


Somewhere Over the Chemtrails

Clumsy Standa and recently widower Bronya are volunteer firefighters in a small village where they enjoy a quiet and peaceful life. Things begin to change when a van crashes into a crowd of people during the Easter Fair. Before anyone notices, the driver runs away from the car crash. People believe it is a terrorist attack and the festive mood is replaced by an atmosphere of fear, hatred, and misinformation. Bronya, who is convinced of terrorism, is trying to do something to improve the situation. The sense of danger pumps new blood into his veins, and the fire brigade becomes a militia. Director Adam Koloman Rybanský’s confidently told and rhythmically compelling debut examines the mechanisms of racism and exclusion in the microcosm of a village. At the same time, he takes a loving and humorous look at human weakness, revealing a deeply humanist worldview.


Landscapes of Resistance + Q&A with Marta Popivoda

97-year-old antifascist fighter Sonja was one of the first female partisans in Yugoslavia and a member of the resistance in Auschwitz. By listening to Sonja’s stories, we travel through the landscapes of her revolutionary past, as her memories start to intertwine with the filmmakers’ own confrontation with the rising fascism in Europe today.